The Dubliner opened its gates in 2004 when managers Carl and Paul detected a severe need for a cosy, welcoming Irish pub and eatery in Malta. A place the craftsmanship of professionally served Guinness is only rivalled by the lavishly celebrated cuisine. Over the years The Dubliner established a steady flow of happy regulars, expatriates and locals alike and enjoys a growing appreciation by travellers from Ireland and the rest of the world.

Our restaurant offers you a rich choice of snacks, pub-grub as well as a fine selection of main courses spanning from rustic kitchen to the delicate shores of other cultures.


Our bar is just as well equipped as your favourite standpost at home, offering you the beers, ciders, drinks and sodas to make a long day (or night) light and easy.
We also offer an upstairs lounge bar and dinery which opens for sports-screening, booked private events and, in wintertime, for our famous Sunday Roast.


Every fortnight, we hold our Live Music Event where some of our staff, regulars and invited musicians entertain you with handmade music to enlighten your soul..
We regularly screen all major sport events from rugby, football, golf, tennis, formula 1 to any broadcasted exercise on the sports channels!


So, if you are craving for a cold, fresh draught and a good meal, come pay us a visit and see for yourself!

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